Tuesday, 4 October 2011

2012 designs for the UPC downhill race jerseys.
A series of deck designs created using some of my pointillism drawings. Really pleased with the simplicity of these and how striking they are.
Final t shirts printed by SuperSaturated. Really happy with the final print and on super high quality eco friendly t shirts.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Monday, 15 August 2011

Initial designs for the University of Plymouth Cycling club

New designs and ideas for the university of plymouth cycling club logo and t shirts !

Friday, 5 August 2011

Inn Places logo designs

These typographic logo designs were rough, initial ideas created for a private company called 'Inn Places.' It was the first real chance i had at creating logos and branding and really enjoyed the process, I am really keen to expand on what i have learnt and be able to produce strong logos and branding images for companies like Inn Places.

Book Cover Designs

One of my 2nd year projects w as to create a series of book cover designs including a cover for James and the Giant Peach which would be entered into Penguin cover design competition held annually. The 3 covers are all created using a variety of techniques from paintings to laser cut vector shapes of card.

'The Outsider' cover was created using painted images and layered together using illustrator, 'The Rough Guide to London' allowed me to focus my typography skills combined with solid vector images. Finally my entry into the penguin competition was created through vector shapes designed on illustrator and then each individual piece was laser cut out of quality card and layered up to form a staircase of differing shapes with the main tittle cut through all the layers down to a piece of mirrored card. I think it was very successful and look forward to seeing how well it does in the competition

Pointillism drawings

My own hand drawn pointilism work created using one 0.5mm black gel ink pen, original images created A3 size. Created as part of a project looking at pixels and pointilism, and contrasts between digital and traditional techniques.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Orange Broadband Advertisements

These advertisements were created for a uni project. I chose to create two of them through etchings and one as a 3D design piece that had a 2D digital print outcome. I think that the etching process works really well as it ties in with the rural, traditional aspect of the advertisement and would be well recieved by the intended target audience. All adverts play with the idea of using the internet to escape from rural life and be connected to the rest of the world.
The adverts were all intended for different places, one billboard design, one magazine full page, and one 'T' shaped bus advert.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Vintage Ferrari Poster

I created this for a friend of mine who loves classic cars especially the gt 250. I found it was a great opportunity to practice my illustrator skills and further my knowledge of filters and textures, combined with strong graphic vector shapes. I like how it turned out however and think that the use of technical drawings works well as a texture to break up the background.